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Standard ozone aging test chamber - QL-150 |QL-150 Ozone aging test chamber [Standard] - QL-150 |GDJS alternating high and low temperature test chamber - GDJS-XXX |Rain test chamber - LX-010 |RLH高温热老化试验箱 - RLH-150(225,408,800L) |IP56 series of GJB sand and dust test chamber - SC-050 |Thermal Shock Chamber - CJX-XXX |CD4000氙灯老化试验箱 - CD4000 |Large salt spray test chamber - YWX/Q-XXX |Z-UV ultraviolet lamp weathering test box - Z-UV |PV UV aging test chamber - ZUV-PV |GDM large walk-in test chambers - GDM-XXX |Temperature and humidity three comprehensive test box - GDZ-XXX |QR-800 around the song test - QR-800 |Low temperature bending test machine - DWR-300 |Xenon lamp weather resistance test chamber - CD4000 |IPX5-IPX6 waterproof test device - CD-IPX5 |Xenon lamp light resistance aging test cases - CD4000 |Turn frame air-cooled xenon lamp box aging test - CD4000 |DYZ series High voltage insulator climate resistance aging test box - DYZ-015 |High voltage insulator climate resistance aging test box DYZ series - LX-016 |High voltage insulator climate resistance aging test box DYZ series - LX-003K |Hydrogen sulfide H2S corrosion test - CDH2S001 |Hydrogen sulfide H2S+N2corrosion test - CDH2S002 |Hydrogen sulfide H2S corrosion test - CDH2S003 |Ozone disinfection cabinet [2011 wuxi innovation fund support project] - XDG001 |Deionized water purification equipment - JS001 |The color on brand enter type salt spray test lab_corrosion lab - CDYWX-003 |Walk-in salt spray test chamber - CDYWX-002 |Ozone aging test chamber - QL-XXX003 |High and low temperature - GDW-XXX |Temperature shock test chamber - CJX-100 |Multi-factor aging test chamber - DYZ-0640 |The IP56 series of walk-in sand and dust test equipment - SC-070 |IPX1-6 series of walk-in enclosure protection class waterproof and invasive laboratory - LY-IPX1-6 |Walk-in constant temperature and humidity test chamber[Trident] - HS-XXX |UV-resistant climate chamber_Z-UV - Z-UV |Ozone aging test chamber - QL-300 |Insulators environment of high and low temperature aging chamber - GDW-025T |Meet GD4208 IPX3456 pendulum water spray test equipment Trident rain equipment] - IPX3456-001 |Meet the GB4208[IP56]8 cubic sealed dust test chamber [Trident dust] - SC-080[IP56] |The 18 cubic walk-Shachenshiyanxiang of [Trident brand - meet GB4208_IP1-6] - SC-018[IP1-6] |200 cubic into the multi-factor integrated environmental test chamber [Trident brand] - DYZ-0200[全功能型] |200 cubic into the multi-factor integrated environmental test chamber [Trident brand] - JLY-0200[GJB2093] |Rain test chamber [Trident brand] - LYS-XXX |ozone box [Trident brand] - QL-800 |Ultraviolet lamp weather resistance test box[Trident brand] - Z-UV |xenon lamp test cases - CD4000 |Insulator aging test box [Caideng testing equipment] - JYZ-300 |Hot air aging test box [Baer laboratory equipment] - RLH-225 |Thermal upheaval test box[Baer laboratory equipment] - RJB-010 |Rain test chamber[Baer laboratory equipment] - LX-004 |Dust test chamber[Baer laboratory equipment] - SC-050 |Salt fog corrosion test box [Baer laboratory equipment] - YWX/Q-250 |Alternating high and low temperature heat test box [Baer laboratory equipment] - GDJS-80 |Alternating high and low temperature heat test box [Baer laboratory equipment] - WTH15-40W |Ammonia PV module test box[Baer laboratory] - NH3-400 |High temperature test box - Baer Laboratory - GW-200 |Immersion test box [Baer Laboratory] - JP-480 |High temperature aging room [Baer Laboratory] - GW-165 |The temperature limit of PV modules and wet test box [Baer] - BR201310032 |High low temperature test box and supporting facilities [Baer] - GDW-408T |multi factor comprehensive environmental test chamber [Baer] - DYZ-084 |

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Personal interviews: Wuxi Trident Company chairman huaming |East Africa for large Numbers of children were starved to death drought on TridentTest |Leonardo Da Vinci household that 13 years has not been sampling |TheYuanToTheDollarBroken645[WXTridentNews] |ConsumptionPerTakeKickbacks[TridentNews] |Guangxi ore difficult death toll to nine people |Norway's prime minister: we will not stunned not JinReHanChan |Hubei and hunan and chongqing of anhui and zhejiang parts can reach the highest temperature 37 to 39 degrees |Red Cross donation information platform online tomorrow the GuoMeiMei it was taken by police Report from our correspondent (reporter,) the end of this month, the east Chinas Red Cross donation information release platform will be online. By then, the bal |Passenger dissatisfaction move the car into eat ticket second-class prosecution mor win the lawsuit |Anhui TaiHuXian houses to shoddy school projects: floor step on wear |Poland before the President announced the plane crash defense minister to resign |Longnan in gansu province for enterprise all the fight explosion 4 news wounded 16 |The old man found his wife not if really took a taxi to jump river rescued embraces and wept bitterly |The police station the door be developers into rights concussion |South Korea will rush to storm or mine near the town of soldiers spent an emergency |Libya opposition military commander killed the remains were scorched (chart) |The civil aviation administration of recently for: lithium batteries cant check |Sichuan SuiNing peiriver cut off water pollution prevention existing water lasts only 7 days |Shanghai carry out special rectification of glass curtain wall construction |Passengers swim the birds nest is jilt withhold DaBaChe rights |Chongqing users order on brand color-waterproof test device LX 003 K has delivery acceptance |The 2012 New Years Day holiday notice and work arrangements WuXi Trident |The 2012 Spring Festival holiday notice_Trident |Ozone is the main reason for crack of rubber_ozone aging testing box |Astronomers have found outside the solar system in a may be suitable for human survival |The 2012 college entrance examination reform scheme |The Lantern Festival the Zibo subscription UV test box today |Should be to recover the ultimate magic xenon lamp aging test chamber |The sound of intense xenon lamp xenon lamp aging test box old |Forced a xenon lamp aging test chamber |These camps stationed in xenon lamp aging test chamber |Large generator insulation aging test system of multi factor study |Adaptive leadership four class |H2S Bamboo shoots with banyan[Hydrogen sulfide device multi-factor] |Brainstorming in enterprises to solve the problem of the application |Building leadership -- focus on quality |Dont forget to dig wells of water氙灯砂尘试验箱 |2012 years of the ching Ming festival notice |Cai Teng and Huadian UHV power transmission network system in South Testing and Materials with a multi-functional environment integrated laboratory projects today signing |Zhang Lili - The most beautiful teacher |U.S. commercial spacecraft dragon successful docking to the International Space Station |Recently, I dust and water resistant laboratory contract signed with the Tangshan Coal Research Institute |Modern laboratory design and planning requirements and building programs |GB two laboratory design specifications and general requirements: design standards, construction programs |Curious probe Mars landing cost $2500000000 today |The Trident successful group of Xian ordered test equipment |Fast temperature change and the impact of boxes and other equipment to complete acceptance |Color Deng Xian number of environmental test equipment is being installed debugging ready for shipment next week |PV will get new opportunities for development - the national multisectoral brewing policy boxing to support the development of photovoltaic industry |New Energy Conference and Solar Energy Exhibition the [PV dilemma because government support] |the end of October 2012 Sandy Hurricane act violently in New York |Deng Cai brand [Trident] aging test equipment test the second half of 2012 ushered in the peak of the order |Wuxi Trident 2013 Chinese New Year Holiday [February 7 - February 16] |Nearly 300 meters is located in the territory of Shanxi Hongdong curved booths reservoir collapsed dam collapse |Europe released cosmic accurate age for 13820000000 years - Caideng testing equipment |Fujian encountered thunderstorm strong wind and hail disaster - Caideng testing equipment |Ultraviolet aging test box and all stainless steel ozone aging test box has |The necessity of the high low temperature test box used correctly-Caideng testing equipment |China will be in 2015 before the new two Antarctic station - Caideng testing equipment |The only Chinese nonferrous metal "three wastes" laboratory in Hunan - Caideng testing equipment |The next three days, Southern China has the medium to heavy rain -Caideng testing equipment |Xiamen user order ozone aging test box shipped-Caideng testing equipment |How to prolong the service life of the ultraviolet aging test box [Caideng testing equipment] |Standard related to the use of environmental test equipment |China's first nondestructive fruit detector has been developed for [] |Test equipment knowledge training |Pollutants statistical monitoring assessment methods has released [www.wxcd. com] |China's atmospheric mercury - coal into the biggest source of emissions [Caideng testing equipment] |H2S stress test system[] |Ozone in Dongguan the user purchases aging test box has been ready for shipment in [] |The company recently signed a number of test equipment [Caideng testing equipment] |Test box mud Wuxi customers ordering is to seize the time to production [Caideng testing equipment] |Water-cooled xenon lamp users in Shanghai ordered the aging test box is stepping up production ( |Beijing customer hot air aging test box is ordered to produce [Caideng testing equipment] |Customers to order the ultraviolet aging test box is to produce [Caideng testing equipment] |Hot air Beijing user ordering aging test box is to produce [Caideng testing equipment] |Dust test box customer purchasing is to produce [Caideng testing equipment] |Warmly celebrate the Caideng testing equipment Technology Co., Ltd. was founded ten anniversary conference |Shanghai customers to order the soak test box is stepping up production |The 2013 Wuxi Caideng "five one" holiday notice [4 month 29 days, a total of 3 days in May 1st] |Ltd. letter |Hot air Beijing user ordering aging test box is the debugging [Baer laboratory equipment] |Wuhu user order ozone box is the debugging [Baer laboratory equipment] |I recently with the Ji'nan blue light mechanical and electrical sign xenon lamp weather resistance aging test box contract |Equipment version of the Baer laboratory weather |Ozone in Wuhu the user purchases aging test box shipped [Baer laboratory equipment] |Xenon lamp Chongqing user ordering weather resistance test box shipped [Baer laboratory equipment] |Foam plastic tableware "poison" the lack of scientific basis for[Baer laboratory equipment] |Beier labs equipment Jiangsu Co., Ltd. To participate in the 23rd National Disabled Day |Shanghai ordering the ultraviolet aging test box is the debugging[Baerlaboratory equipment] |Warmly celebrate the Baer laboratory equipment Jiangsu Co. Ltd web site for the record information was successfully updated |Hot air aging box and ultraviolet aging test box loading delivery [Baer laboratory equipment] |Xenon lamp Inner Mongolia user ordering aging test box has loading delivery [Baer laboratory equipment] |Why need to dry the tea? [Baer laboratory equipment] |Rain test device has been loading delivery [Baer laboratory equipment] |The million mu of saline-alkali soil "desalination" method [Baer laboratory equipment] |Equipment version of the Baer laboratory weather |The Antarctic ice sheet in the Oligocene period there have been [Baer laboratory equipment ] |Business tax policy has little effect on C2C? [Baer laboratory equipment ] |Levy provisional anti-dumping duty [Baerlaboratory equipment ] |Levy provisional anti-dumping duty [Baerlaboratory equipment ] |High temperature aging room is to produce [Baer laboratory equipment ]for customers |Seawater desalination project will drive what the industry [Baer laboratory equipment ] |Mosquito-repellent incense burning would release what [Baer laboratory equipment ] |Company and the Chongqing users signed rain test case contract [Baer laboratory equipment ] |Rain test chamber Chongqing user ordering are speeding up the production of [ Baer laboratory equipment ] |Company and the Beijing users successfully signed into type high temperature and high humidity test chamber contract [Baer laboratory equipment ] |Baer laboratory equipment and user bound ammonia test case contract |Recycled plastics industry prospects [Baer laboratory equipment ] |Mud test box and the rain test chamber has been delivered to customers to use [Baerlaboratory equipment ] |Air conditioning heat sink on the bacteria and fungi that exceed the standard[ Baer laboratory equipment ] |Beier Labs Equipment Jiangsu Co., Ltd. - original Trident Company |Beijing user ordering ventilator-style aging test box is to produce [Baerlaboratory equipment] |China launched the EU "wine counter" [Baerlaboratory equipment ] |Ventilation type Baer laboratory equipment production of aging test box and ozone aging test box has been delivered to customers |Salt spray test box users in Wuxi ordered has been shipped [Baer laboratory equipment] |Nanjing user order insulator aging test box is to produce [Baer laboratory equipment] |Baer laboratory equipment - Tornado yesterday hit JiangsuGaoyou river water sucked up trees by the roots |Baer laboratory equipment and China Southern Power Gridsigned a comprehensive environmental factors test chamber |Baer laboratory equipment and user in Chongqing signed thehot asphalt, light, water coupling aging test box |Typhoon "Su" 13 on the morning of 3 hit Taiwan [Baerlaboratory equipment ] |Ocean acidification can cause the degradation of ecological systems [Baer laboratory equipment production] |Success from the "trial and error" start [Baer laboratory equipment] |Sand and dust test box Baer laboratory equipment productionhas been delivered to customers |How energy-saving refrigerator [Baer laboratory equipment] |Attitude, decide your life [Baer laboratory equipment ] |In 2013 August Baer laboratory equipment production task orders |Let workers to eliminate fatigue small action [Baer laboratoryequipment ] |Baer laboratory equipment production of ozone aging test boxhas been delivered to Chongqing customers to use |In 2013 the tire industry output or better, will drive test equipment industry [Baer laboratory equipment] |Salt fog test box using the PVC plate has the advantages of Baer laboratory equipment |Test box for customer orders are speeding up the [Baer productiontest equipment] |Box of salt fog corrosion test ordering the boxed delivery[Baer laboratory equipment] |Humidification method Baer laboratory equipment introductionclimatic environmental test chamber |The classification and properties of aluminum silicate cotton[Baer laboratory equipment ] |Comprehensive environmental test chamber Henan orderinghas been loading delivery [Baer laboratory equipment] |High temperature users in Beijing ordered aging chamber hasloading delivery [Baer laboratory equipment] |Ammonia test box Jiangsu users to order is to produce [Baer laboratory equipment] |Asphalt coupled Chongqing ordering aging test box is to the production of [Baer laboratory equipment ] |UV aging box lighting system and lamp replacement method[Baer laboratory equipment] |Baer laboratory equipment of a tubular electric heater |Sand and dust test box Wuxi ordering are speeding up theproduction of [Baer laboratory equipment ] |Foam and plastic as the main source of marine pollution[Baer laboratory equipment] |Baer of laboratory equipment, teach you how to choose the fresh-keeping film |Select alternating high and low temperature heat insulation material testbox [Baer laboratory equipment] |Ammonia PV module test box has been delivered to customers in Shanghai the use of [Baer laboratory equipment ] |The world leading technology China UHV transmission technology tointernational standards - the Baer Laboratory |Asphalt test box has been delivered to customers to use the BaerLaboratory |Sand and dust test box Baer laboratory production has been delivered to Wuxi customers to use |Gas water heater using the best do not exceed 8 years - Baer Laboratory |Photovoltaic component limit temperature and humidity test chamber Baerlaboratory is to Shanghai for the production of user |Warmly welcome the Southern Power Grid Shenzhen experts to guide the work of Baer Laboratory |5 methods to work smart - Beier Laboratory |Beier Labs in 2014 Chinese New Year Holiday Notice |

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