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The Wuxi Trident Test Equipment Technology Co., Ltd.
Company phone:0510-85123550[Switchboard];0510-85124600;Company Fax:0510-85123560
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Address:Jiangsu province Wuxi City Economic Development Zone high Kellow No. 27

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  Note: in the company to purchase test equipment general warranty for a period of 1 years, our side is responsible for installation and debugging and operating personnel training and technical guidance, the warranty period and the replacement of parts, repair and maintenance services charges after negotiation。

  1.First thank you friends to patronize the station;
  2.The company mainly produces sales of Trident brand environment test equipment products, in order to ensure the quality of products and services, please look for the brand Trident before the purchase!

TridentCo.,Work schedule:
  1、Normal working time:Monday - Saturday
     Summer: AM 8:00 —12:00|PM 13:00—17:00;
     Winter:AM 8:15—12:00|PM 12:30—16:45;
     Other time:welcome to the company's Web site is a message or send e-mail messages;
  2、Contact telephone number:0510—85123550[Switchboard]  Fax:0510—85123560[Working time send need manual receiving]