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   Wuxi Trident Test Tech CO.,Ltd
Wuxi Trident Test Tech CO.,Ltd. Is located in wuxi city economic development zone, is climate environment, material to aging and reliability testing equipment manufacturer. April 2003, Shanghai university cooperation test equipment technology development (including ozone aging test box has made invention patent ZL: 03150992.4), the company gathered a batch to be engaged in test equipment technical development of professional personnel, with a strict testing technology and comprehensive quality management system (through the British QA company ISO9001 quality management system certification), in automatic control, non-standard machinery design, material aging field accumulated a wealth of experience, the production of various kinds of constant temperature and humidity test box, ozone aging test box, xenon lamp aging test box, uv lamp aging test box, comprehensive test machine and all kinds of enter type lab non-standard products, such as in the product in CAD design, micro processing program software, solid state electronics technology, the fuzzy control theory, energy regulation theory and other new technology to ensure the equipment the operation control of the good performance and reliability, its technical performance, GJB respectively satisfy GB, IEC, mil-ASTM, ISO, JISK and related test equipment requirements. Products to get the domestic and foreign customer's favor, in many test equipment technical success in technical innovation.