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Foam and plastic as the main source of marine pollution[Baer laboratory equipment]

Author:Miss Liu Date:2013-9-11 11:21:50
 Foam and plastic as the main source of marine pollution[Baer laboratory equipment]

The Marine Department said, inshore water pollution comes mainly from the land. A lot of pollutant discharge caused bylong-term estuarine ecosystem services loss is severe.According to statistics, every year by the major rivers into the sea of 1000 million tons of pollutants.

Last year, Lianyungang City Ocean and Fishery BureauIsland East Sea and Da Sha Cun, Ganyu Shiqiao TownBeach monitoring area as marine garbage. Monitoring projectincludes offshore floating garbage, garbage, garbage seabeach type and quantity.

The results show that, Lianyungang Island East Sea mainly for polystyrene foam, plastic, fabric and wood chips and so on, Ganyu Da Sha Cun Shi Qiao Zhen beach mainly forpolystyrene foam, fabric and glass etc.. The sea is mainlyplastic bags, garbage cans and glass bottles, including the number of plastic and metal waste accounted for 1/3.

Related statistics show, the global day about 8000000 piece of garbage is dumped into the sea coast, human activities and entertainment, shipping, fishing and other activities at sea is the main source of marine litter. Marine waste poses a serious threat to the whale, dolphins and other large marine mammals. In recent years, the world has whale stranding event, scientists found the anatomy, the stomach was all garbage. In addition, marine litter can be harmful to humanthrough the food chain, such as heavy metals and toxic chemicals through the fish food into the final enriched in the human body.

Protect environment, is everyone's responsibility.


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