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Baer of laboratory equipment, teach you how to choose the fresh-keeping film

Author:Miss Liu Date:2013-9-12 9:41:59
 Baer of laboratory equipment, teach you how to choose the fresh-keeping film

In the purchase of fresh-keeping film, first of all to thepreservation of membrane material and marked clearly with PE and PVDC as the preferred. PE is non-toxic, stable chemical property, suitable for vegetables, fruits andcarnivorous refrigerated, frozen, but can not be heated.PVDC cling film has excellent oxygen barrier, anti odor andmoisture performance, heat resistant high temperature, alsocan be used for heating in microwave oven. But the PVDC film PE is much higher than the price, sales volume is not large. At present, PVDC cling film supermarket sales ofmostly imported from japan. The use of PE cling film in general families can.

The distinction between PE and PVC membrane, attention must be paid to see identification, such as material, using the methods of marking. Secondly, by feel, polyethylene (PE) filmgeneral viscosity and poor transparency, knead by hand after easily open; polyvinyl chloride (PVC) film knead by hand after a bad start, easy to stick in the hand.

At present, mainly in the PE cling film in the fruit and vegetable fresh preservation film market; some cooked foodis mainly the use of PVDC cling film, common market of various food packaging film a lot for composite membrane,such as the composition of milk packaging bags are mostlycomposed of 3 - 4 layers of different materials. In the preservation of fruits and vegetables, at present only thegarlic in cold preservation stage mainly with PVC membrane,the membrane permeability, permeability because of good temperature, more suitable for preservation of garlic.

In the supermarket, often use fresh-keeping film packingmeat stuffing, sauce pig's trotters, small deep fried fish and other fatty foods, make it difficult for consumers to distinguishwhether the use of PVC cling film cost is relatively low. Baerlaboratory equipment Xiaobian think or buy the regular brandfrom the regular store fresh-keeping film products, follow the instructions to safety, ease of use.


Baer of laboratory equipment, teach you how to choose the fresh-keeping film, the company is engaged in the climateenvironment, material aging and reliability test equipment manufacturers. Production of ozone aging test box, xenon lamp aging test box, sand and dust test box, military rain test chamber, heat aging test box, hydrogen sulfide test equipment, ammonia test box, multi factor comprehensive testchamber, the military standard sand and dust test box,transformer aging test chamber, UHV transmission, aging test equipment and other non-standard product and material

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