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Select alternating high and low temperature heat insulation material testbox [Baer laboratory equipment]

Author:Miss Liu Date:2013-9-20 10:03:09
 Select alternating high and low temperature heat insulation material testbox [Baer laboratory equipment]

On the liner wall insulation materials alternating high and low temperature heat test box (the middle of the shell and the liner after) which directly affects the thermal insulation performance, if the manufacturers chooseinferior insulation material, whereas so uniform and persistent temperaturerelatively worse, will also affect the shell temperature, easy to cause harm to human body. We can do an experiment: insulation material shell qualitythere is no fever feeling, appearance is cold, is not likely to pose a threat to the human body, but slightly worse, shell hot, high temperature, and some will be hot.

Alternating high and low temperature heat test box relates to testequipment with temperature control, all need to do heat preservation.Then, the thickness and material thermal insulation material selection is vital, today on the selection problem about insulation material. Insulation of industrial equipment and pipeline, alternating high and low temperature test box with good insulation measures and materials, can significantly reduce the energy consumption and production cost, improve the environment,and has good economic benefits. Water resistance, freeze-thaw resistance,weather resistance, impact resistance, wind resistance: as the external wall thermal insulation, the facing directly in contact with the external environment must resist the rain, freezing and thawing, impact and strong winds and other adverse factors invasion. Heat preservation modeselection of heat transfer in different ways and adopt correspondingmethods and materials. For example, in order to prevent the hot airminutes heat transfer by a vacuum heat insulating layer. However, due totechnical and cost, we present the high and low temperature thermalenvironmental test equipment are used in insulation materials, the most common heat insulation cotton and polyurethane foam, foam styrene etc..The company specializing in the production of ozone aging test box, xenon lamp weather resistance aging test box, high low temperature humid heattest box, the vibration test bench, test box with constant temperature and humidity, ultraviolet weathering aging test box, rain test chamber, vacuum drying oven, high temperature aging test box more environmental testing equipment welcome customers contact us telephone: 0510-85123550,85123560

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