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Sand and dust test box Baer laboratory production has been delivered to Wuxi customers to use

Author:Miss Liu Date:2013-10-6 8:48:40
 Sand and dust test box Baer laboratory production has been delivered to Wuxi customers to use

The statement:

The company equipment factory have to undergo a rigorous testing, the user may request the metrology institutes to measure, this measure will be charged a fee.

This equipment provides free repair product delivery date of 12 months, if it is damaged due to the inappropriate use of the user, or more than the warranty period, is appropriate to charge the cost of repair.

In case of any unresolved problems in use, can call the company telephone0510-85123550 or 85124600 for technical consulting service, we will be happy to try to solve all the problems for you.


Sand and dust test box Baer laboratory production has been delivered to Wuxi customers, the products of the company are: dust test box, sand and dust test box, military sand and dust test box, non-standard IPX123456series of sand and dust test box, sand and dust test chamber, into the test chamber, sand dust dust test box, ozone test box, the Baer laboratory the test box, xenon lamp, UV lamp test box, military rain test chamber, constant temperature and humidity test box, multi factor comprehensive test room,comprehensive environmental test chamber, material aging test box,hydrogen sulfide test equipment etc.

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