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Gas water heater using the best do not exceed 8 years - Baer Laboratory

Author:Miss Liu Date:2013-10-11 15:29:06
 Gas water heater using the best do not exceed 8 years - Baer Laboratory

State Quality Inspection Administration yesterday by website for household gas water heater issued quality safety risk, the use of gas water heatershould not exceed 8 years, or should be replaced as soon as possible.

It is understood, carries on the analysis from the domestic gas water heatersafety accident case points out, "national standard household gas appliances safety management rule", appliance from the sale date, fast water heater using artificial gas to waste time shall be 6 years, rapid water heater using liquefied petroleum gas and natural gas. Abolition period shall be 8 years.

General Administration of quality inspection and safety risk warning issued to consumers not to buy, do not use the straight platoon type water heaters, timely replacement of old water heater, the service life of the water heater does not over, not super service life, still combustion deterioration,water leakage, leakage and other faults after repair must also be replaced.

Expert introduction, over the years the use of gas water heater, safety device aging failure, may cause the water heater gas consumptionincrease, serious scaling, also may leak caused an explosion, and thenozzle clogging is not easy ignition, easy to cause carbon monoxidepoisoning.


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