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Photovoltaic component limit temperature and humidity test chamber Baerlaboratory is to Shanghai for the production of user

Author:贝尔实验室 Date:2013-10-12 9:07:06
 Photovoltaic component limit temperature and humidity test chamber Baerlaboratory is to Shanghai for the production of user

1 internal actual use space not less than: 2400 x 1400 x 2200 (mm)

2 temperature range: RT+10 ~ 50 ℃, temperature fluctuation degree ≤ ± 0.5 ℃, the temperature deviation is less than ± 1 ℃, temperature uniformity≤ ± 2 ℃; humidity control in the range of 60 ~ 98%RH, the temperature deviation is less than ± 3%RH, even moisture ≤ ± 3%RH.

3 pressure range: 1 ~ 4 times atmospheric pressure adjustable pressure control precision is ± 2%., the bidder shall provide several typical pressure(1, 2, covered at least 4 times the pressure, temperature and humidity)range can be adjusted.

4 temperature: 2 ℃ ~ 3 ℃ /min.

5 water purification device humidifying water.

The 6 test box is provided with a cable wire device, can make electricity testto the test sample.

The 7 test case should be configured to the large size of the observation window convenient to observe the test space.

8 is equipped with a computer system, to realize the control of the wholetesting process, real-time recording of all parameters of standard in the test process.

9 containing PV module sample frame, the high temperature and high humidity manufacture high-pressure materials, ensure that the components of different size convenient installation and testing.

10 system shall be equipped with safety protection device to ensure theperfect, in the power, water, temperature and any other fault conditionsequipment can realize automatic protection, to ensure the safety of the test data, the sample, equipment and personnel.

11 the design and manufacture of the equipment shall be in accordance with the ISO international standards and requirements of the factoryspecifications, manufacturing plant shall be certified by ISO9000; safetyequipment shall meet the requirements of the international IEC standard.

12 of all parts and various kinds of instrument equipment connected to the external unit of measurement, should adopt international units of measurement (ISO) standard.

13 of the owners to provide on-site source of tap water, a device used forcompressed air source and circulating cooling water, the equipment provided by the bidder shall contain all the equipment and supporting thematching.

14 related parameters of standard calibration at or above the provincial level shall provide metering mechanism, calibration results in consideration of calibration uncertainty after should meet the technical index and testingstandards.

15 for the boiler need to provide the original certificate of qualification forpressure vessel.


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