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Warmly welcome the Southern Power Grid Shenzhen experts to guide the work of Baer Laboratory

Author:贝尔实验室 Date:2013-10-15 13:29:18
 Warmly welcome the Southern Power Grid Shenzhen experts to guide the work of Baer Laboratory

Recently, the China Southern Power Grid Shenzhen experts arrived at theBaer laboratory equipment limited company of Jiangsu, in the companyunder the leadership of general manager, visited the production equipment of multi factor comprehensive environmental test chamber, the currentproducts of acceptance. In the demo scene, the company's technical staffwith the electrical cabinet, details of software design and the electricalconfiguration of multi factor comprehensive environmental test chamber.Afterwards, the experts in the strength of the company's production andprofessional to the essence of scientific research and technology, gave a high evaluation and affirmation.


Warmly welcome the Southern Power Grid Shenzhen experts to guide the work of Baer laboratory, the products of the company are: multi factor comprehensive environmental test chamber, the comprehensiveenvironmental test chamber, a comprehensive simulation of light rainlightning and other weather conditions in salt fog environment aging test box with independent or joint control box body temperature, humidity, light,radiation intensity, rain strength, salt spray deposition, sand and dust,ozone, high comprehensive test functions | Jiangsu power, China Academy of Railway Sciences, Wuhan University, Guangzhou, China Southern power grid insulator aging equipment and other successful cases in Wuxi Caidengmulti factor aging test chamber, electrical insulation

Sub aging test equipment, 20KV-150KV material environment aging test equipment, the Baer lab multi factor aging test chamber, insulator aging test equipment

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