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DYZ series High voltage insulator climate resistance aging test box

DYZ series High voltage insulator climate resistance aging test box DYZ series High voltage insulator climate resistance aging test box DYZ series High voltage insulator climate resistance aging test box DYZ series High voltage insulator climate resistance aging test box
Product name:DYZ series High voltage insulator climate resistance aging test box


DYZ series: high voltage insulator aging test box _ comprehensive multi factor aging test chamber _ walk-in weathering aging test chamber _ comprehensive simulation of light rain lightning and other weather conditions in salt fog environment aging test boxaging box electrical equipment insulation aging test chamber

The equipment can meet the standard:

1 TB/T3199.2, GB/T311.1, GB/T 10125 artificial atmosphere corrosion test, salt spray test

5 GB/T 3511, 6 GB/T11026.1 electrical insulation materials, heat resistance, 7GB/T16422.2 plastic methods of exposure to laboratory light sources

Equipment function

1, a comprehensive test function

(1) with independent or joint adjusting internal temperature, ambient humidity, sunlight(xenon lamp) radiation intensity, rain intensity, salt fog settlement and other functions.

(2) with perfect time setting control, temperature, humidity control system, solar light and regulation system, rain and rainfall regulation system, salt fog occurrence andcontrol system.

(3) can be set according to the single function test procedures, can also be in accordance with the combined test set operation mode.

(4) according to the equipment test procedures can be with circular, hop, maintain thefunctions such as operation, real-time displaying running curve, and can output the curve.

(5) the system has the function of self checking (i.e. operating procedures combinedcontrolled self-locking, when a wrong instruction information will refuse to perform),overrun alarm, fault information display function.

2, the cooling function: semi closed Germany GuLun refrigeration unit (5P * 2), using 6.5kW direct air cooling type lamp.

3, the sample frame function

(1) the vertical sample holder

Can a single rotation (positive), can also test was carried out on six insulators,insulator length 1000mm (whole)

(2) horizontal sample frame

Install the 4 horizontal suspended test cable tensioning device part (left and right), so that the specimen for horizontal suspension test

4, the test room temperature control: using forced circulation wind, temperature balance the wet (BTHC), conducted jointly by the refrigeration compressor andheating equipment, the temperature control range: -10 ℃ ~ +60 ℃, the control precision is ± 0.5 ℃, closed loop control. The blackboard temperature and black standard temperature is the direct measurement of the surface temperature of the sample method. Than high temperature 10 ~ 15 ℃ and its value

5, precise control humidity: humidity range: higher than 30%RH ~ 98%RH, humidityshould reach the relative humidity 98%RH in less than 20min, relative humidityprecision: +2% ~ -3%; closed loop control

6, irradiance control

1) light: 6.5kW xenon arc lamp, to simulated solar radiation 48CM (full spectrum,including ultraviolet, infrared, visible light spectral distribution).

Radiation: strength meet the International Commission on illumination (C.I.E)recommended by the simulation test of solar radiation intensity of radiation (about 1.12kW/m2).

2) xenon lamp life of more than 2000 hours

3) xenon lamp as DC triggered. Air cooling, filter

4) light for the closed-loop control, with automatic compensation function

5) xenon light irradiation strength is 550 ~ 1150W/m2, the controllable (given by the set value)

7, salt spray control can be continuous or periodic spray, salt fog settlement: 1 ~ 2ml/80cm21hr adjustable.

8, spray control

Head: the number of 12 ~ 16, round shaped arranged evenly, soft connection, the spray angle adjustable,

9, the water purity control function

Pressure: 138 ~ 354kpa

10, the test voltage test of high voltage AC (DC), by the side of high voltage bushingexternal voltage in.

11, the insulation requirements

In the box body temperature, humidity, sunlight (xenon lamp), rain, salt fog, highcomprehensive test samples to box should be able to withstand 60kV voltage, nobreakdown or flashover.

12, the test cycle: the whole system can work continuously for one year without interruption

13, the sewage collection and treatment function.

14, measurement system

(1) the leakage current measurement range: 0.1 mA to 100 mA or 1 mA ~ 1A

(2) changes in current online monitoring leakage sample rotation during the test, and can draw the curve of real time leakage current;

(3) the measurement channel: 16 single ended channels (8 Differential channels) (containing 8 leakage current sensor), total sampling rate of 250kS/s,

15, anti-corrosion function: test the various facilities have corrosion function.

DYZ series integrated aging test box, the insulator aging test box, the comprehensiveenvironmental test equipment aging simulation, multi factor aging test room, walk-inaging test chamber, temperature and humidity light rain lightning and othercomprehensive environmental test chamber, material aging box, pressure resistanceaging test chamber, multi factor aging equipment,

Baer laboratory equipment: professional R & D and production of ozone aging test box, ultraviolet aging test box, xenon arc weathering aging test box and ozone UVlamp salt fog rain multifunctional composite test room environment test equipment;

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