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Multi-factor aging test chamber

Multi-factor aging test chamber Multi-factor aging test chamber Multi-factor aging test chamber Multi-factor aging test chamber
Product name:Multi-factor aging test chamber
Insulator-resistant high-pressure weather resistance integrated environmental aging chamber __ walk-in multi-factor environment aging test equipment _ simulated light rainfall salt spray lightning ice cover, weather conditions, environmental aging chamber electrical and high-voltage transmission insulation material aging equipment laboratory——贝尔实验室绝缘子 

Equipment Overview
Multi-factor composite aging test chamber is used for insulation of composite insulators and other composite materials tested in the artificial simulation of environmental conditions of life equipment, which simulate the natural resistance, light rain salt spray lightning and other meteorological conditions under artificial accelerated aging test system。无锡彩登凭借自身的生产和技术优势,强力打造的新兴成品,该产品为国内首创!主要设备包括:绝缘子老化设备箱体、高压试验设备、测量设备、模拟各种人工环境设备、控制设备、监视设备等。

1 TB/T3199.2 、GB/T311.1 、GB/T 10125 人造气氛腐蚀试验 盐雾试验
3 GB/T 3511 、4 GB/T11026.1 电气绝缘材料 耐热性、5 GB/T16422.2 塑料实验室光源暴露试验方法

设备功能:75 cubic meters of multi-factor environmental aging test equipment
     1、具备综合试验功能 [多因子老化试验室——贝尔实验室全国领先的综合环境测试设备生产制造商]
(1) has the function of the independent or joint to adjust the internal cabinet temperature, humidity, sunlight (xenon lamp) radiation intensity, rain intensity, salt spray settlement, sand and dust, ozone, high pressure test status.
(2) has a perfect set of time control, temperature, humidity conditioning systems, solar light and adjust the system, rain and rain-conditioning systems, salt spray occurred and control system[绝缘子老化设备].
(3) can be set in accordance with the single-function testing procedures, you can also set the operation mode in accordance with the combination test。
(4) Figure recyclable equipment testing procedures, hops, keep operating functions, real-time visual display of the operating curve, and can output the test curve.
(5) The system self-test function (ie, a combination of running the program-controlled self-locking, will refuse to run when the error command information), overrun alarm, fault information display.
2, the cooling function: semi-closed German Copeland refrigeration units (eg, x 2), xenon lamp selection of 6.5kW DC air-cooled type.
3, the sample frame function
(1) vertical sample holder
Single rotation (forward and reverse), tested at the same time the six insulators, insulator length 1000mm (entire)
(2) the level of sample holder
Installation of four levels of suspension the specimen tight rope device (left and right direction), in order to test for horizontal suspension test.
4, the test chamber temperature control: the use of forced circulating air, balanced thermostat wet (BTHC), implemented jointly by the refrigeration compressor and heating equipment, temperature control range: -10 ° C to +60 ° C, the control accuracy of ± 0.5 ℃ closed-loop control. blackboard temperature and black standard temperature is the direct measurement of the surface temperature of the sample. their money than the air temperature is 15 ℃绝缘子老化设备.
5, accurate humidity control: Humidity range: of ≮ 30% RH to 98% of RH, humidity should be less than 20min to reach the relative humidity 98% RH, relative humidity accuracy: +2% to -3%; closed-loop control.
6, irradiance control 1) light: 6.5kW xenon arc lamp, 48cm reach of simulated solar radiation (full spectrum, including ultraviolet, infrared, visible light spectrum distribution).
Radiation: the strength to meet the International Commission on Illumination (CIE) test simulates solar radiation recommended radiation (about 1.12kW/m2).
2) xenon light irradiation intensity of 550 ~ 1150W/m2, controllable (given by the set value)
7、盐雾控制 可连续或周期喷雾,盐雾沉降量:1~2ml/80cm21hr可调。
8、喷淋控制  喷头:数量12~16个,园周形均匀布置,软性连接,喷淋角度可调,
9、具备水纯度控制功能 水压:138~354kpa
10、绝缘子老化设备试验电压 试验交流(直流)高电压,通过侧面高压套管外引电压入内。
[多因子综合老化试验室,步入式多因素老化试验舱,绝缘子耐高压老化试验箱,光照降雨盐雾雷电等综合模拟多气象条件环境老化设备 绝缘材料老化箱,电气设备老化试验室,具有独立或联合调节箱体内部温度、湿度、光照、辐射强度、淋雨强度、盐雾沉降量、砂尘、臭氧、高压等综合试验状态等功能]

   Success stories of the Jiangsu Electric Power, Railway Academy of Sciences, Guangzhou, South China Power Grid, Wuhan University, Wuxi color Teng - multi-factor aging laboratory, power transmission insulators aging test equipment, 20KV-150KV materials resistant to environmental aging test equipment[],Aging chamber integrated analog light rainfall lightning and other weather conditions, salt spray environment with independent or joint regulation of the internal cabinet temperature, humidity, light, radiation intensity, the intensity of the rain, salt spray subsidence, sand and dust, ozone, high pressure teststate functions success Stories | Jiangsu electric power, railway Academy of Sciences, Guangzhou, China Southern Power Grid, Wuhan University, Wuxi Trident - multi-factor aging laboratory test equipment, power transmission insulator aging 20KV-150KV material resistance to environmental aging test equipment, dyz.wxcd. com

   [多因子老化试验室—|—南方电网多因子老化室验收进度 绝缘子老化设备]

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