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Ozone aging test chamber

Ozone aging test chamber Ozone aging test chamber
Product name:Ozone aging test chamber

The rubber material ozone aging chamber  [橡胶材料臭氧老化试验箱]

Ozone aging test equipment, the custom specifications ozone aging box, to meet the international standards of ASTM D1149 rubber belt resistant to ozone aging test equipment with a pulley stretching system ozone test chamber 

A device name
ozone aging testing box ( through the Shanghai Institute of metrology measurement products)
Two. Equipment model: QL-300 ( the product standard number: Q/32011JBN01 )
Three. Equipment specification:Studio size 750 ×500× 800 mm D ×W ×HDimensions: 1250 x 750 x 1750 mm D ×W ×H In
Four, the device has the following characteristics:
( 1) 24 hours of continuous online detection, data readily available
( 2) with the product of the invention patent certificate, the same industry not only.
Five, accuracy and reliability:
How to guarantee the ozone concentration and the minimum error value, Division I by the classical chemical titration, and instrument value for comparison with, with strong persuasive.
Six. The working principle of the equipment:
Concentration of ozone in the atmosphere is rarely the main factor of rubber cracking, ozone aging chamber simulation and enhancement of ozone in the atmosphere conditions, study the effect of ozone on rubber rules, rapid identification and evaluation of rubber anti-aging properties of ozone and ozone resistance agent protection function, and then take effective measures to improve anti aging, rubber the service life of products ( this device has been patented ZL:03150992.4 ) .
Equipment by silent high efficient ozone generator of ozone gas, and a certain amount of treated air, in the exchanger mixed into the test box, UV detector will continuous online detection to ozone concentration, feedback to the ozone generator control system, so that control system according to the set value of effective control of ozone occurs, thereby test box to keep appropriate concentration of ozone, the other by heating and humidifying system, satisfy all test conditions. ( the products of domestic market share first. )" QUA " nondispersive ultraviolet standard ozone detector 
Seven, the device structure [equipment drawings as follows:]
The test chamber box located in the lower part of the cabinet after the overall structure of the form, the air handling system, detection and control system is located in the right side of the test chamber.
2 studio surface air path sandwich, distribution heated humidifier, circulation fan and other means, Chambers upper layer has a balanced vent gas is continuously discharged from the test chamber has been kept in the test chamber the gas concentration balance test chamber for single door, ozone resistance silicon rubber seal.
3 test chamber has a viewing window and switch control lights.
4 touch screen smart controller located in the the equipment right front.
十.equipment technical parameters 设备技术参数
1. Studio size: 750 × 500 × 800 mm (W * D * H)
2 studio temperature range: RT +10 - 60 ℃
3. Temperature fluctuation: ± 0.5 ° C (dynamic sample holder)
Temperature deviation: ± 2.0 ℃
Temperature Resolution: 0.1 ℃
Ozone concentration: 0 to 500 pphm (static sample holder)
7. Equipment electric power: 3 ~ 5 KW, equipment supply 220V ± 10%
Equipment weight: 350 Kg
Applicable belt dynamic test: Ozone aging test method in accordance with ASTM D1149;

国际相关标准摘要 ASTM D1149-07 [ 方法A,A2-BELT程序Flex测试]
11. Apparatus
11.1 Belt Flex Device :
11.1.1 The test apparatus shall consist of a suitable metal
framework to accommodate the belt and pulleys as specified
below. The framework shall be equipped to accept either of two
sets of pulleys; one set, 63.5 mm (21/2 in.) in diameter and one set, 102 mm (4 in.) in diameter. The upper pulley of each set of two shall be powered to rotate the test belt at a cyclic frequency
of 0.67 Hz (40 r/min) with the 63.5-mm diameter pulleys, and at 1.04 Hz (62.5 r/min) when using the 102-mm diameter
pulleys. Alternatively, the drive shaft may be rotated at 3.75 Hz
(225 r/min) to obtain the specified belt rotation rate. The lower
pulley shaft shall be allowed to move up and down, having an
18-kg (40-lb) mass suspended from it to maintain sufficient
tension on the specimen belt to achieve maximum conforma-
tion of the test specimens and belt around each pulley.
11.1.2 The size of this test apparatus requires that a large
rectangular box be used to house the device. Fig. 2 shows a
typical ozone chamber used for this test device. The dimen-
sions of this box are 1370 by 310 by 380 mm (54 by 12
1/4 by 15 in.) with a volume of 0.16 m3 (104 in.3).
 Fig. 2 is a schematic diagram of the test apparatus.
11.2 Ozone Chamber—The ozone chamber shall conform to the requirements specified in Section 5

ASTM D1149-07标准 无锡彩登
11.3 The standard ozone partial pressure shall be 50 6
5 mPa. Other partial pressures may be selected for special
research test programs.

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