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Meet the GB4208[IP56]8 cubic sealed dust test chamber [Trident dust]

Meet the GB4208[IP56]8 cubic sealed dust test chamber [Trident dust] Meet the GB4208[IP56]8 cubic sealed dust test chamber [Trident dust] Meet the GB4208[IP56]8 cubic sealed dust test chamber [Trident dust]
Product name:Meet the GB4208[IP56]8 cubic sealed dust test chamber [Trident dust]

Beier brand Walk-sealing dust test chamber
——[8 cubic domestic well-known brand of sand and dust test chamber production suppliers

Meet GB4208 [IP56] 8 cubic sealing dust test chamber [Beier dust]
一. Dust Laboratory Equipment of Use:
This equipment is suitable for electrical cabinets and other housing products in the sand and dust environment to simulate the dynamic level of enclosure protection run to assess the protection level of the product and improve product design.
Equipment to meet the standard: GB 4208-2008 housing protection class (code IP5, 6).
Two the. Shachen laboratory equipment works:
The device fan-driven certain concentration of sand and dust blowing test sample surface to a certain velocity, and thus exposed to the dust particles penetrate effects of dry sand or dust-filled atmosphere under defensive ability and defensive grit evaluation of these test samples (equipment) the ability of abrasive or blocking effect and the ability to store and the ability to run. dust test chamber design and manufacture of a walk-in enclosure protection (IP code) "the relevant provisions in accordance with GB4208-2008",
三.Dust laboratory equipment structural features:
  The sand and dust test chamber by the studio body, blowing dust circulating air duct, vacuum systems, dust recovery system, electrical control system, security system components.
Equipment for the entire "O-type structure, fan the lower part of the device, the rotary circulation pump / duct connecting the test device, into the sand in the cabinet rear device in the test chamber on the outlet, temperature control system, instrument control system is located in the test chamber right side of the box material are made of 1.2mm thick steel plate
四.Walk-sealing dust test chamber Equipment technical parameters
  Equipment Model: SC-080; [8 cubic walk-in sand and dust test chamber]
Equipment specifications: studio size [length × width × height]: 2000mm × 2000mm × 2000mm
Shell TISCO cold plate production and electrostatic spray, liner using high-quality stainless steel SUS304 2B
Inside temperature: RT of +10 ~~ 45 ° C (ambient temperature parameters)
Test power supply: 380V three-phase five-wire, with a total power: approximately 16.0KW
6 To ensure that the dust is not sticky in the tank wall and condense in the circulation air duct press fitted to ensure that the dust nonstick in the tank wall, and condensing means (shock), the working time of the apparatus is adjustable (simple procedure), and can be automatic alternating work.
Bilateral open the door, can be wheeled mobile on both sides of the multilayer glass observation window, built-in 220/380V dustproof socket, external connection box test line
Device controller interface using the touch screen, output experimental data to a USB storage device or computer equipment technical specifications and performance of similar products at home and abroad in a leading position
七、Walk-sealing dust test chamber Safety devices
1.Power leakage switch, power overload, short-circuit protection.
2. The distribution room door switch, ground fault protection.
3. The heating zone overtemperature protection.
4. Condom-wiring terminals.
5. Alarm information ring tips
八、Walk-sealing dust test chamber Equipment conditions of use
1.Temperature: -15 to 35 ° C, relative humidity: not more than 85%, atmospheric pressure: 86 ~ 106Kpa
2. Surrounded by strong vibration, no direct sunlight or other heat source direct radiation
3. No strong airflow around and need a strong flow when the ambient air, the air flow should not be blowing directly on the chamber body
4. Around strong magnetic fields affect the surrounding high concentrations of dust and corrosives

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