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Walk-in salt spray test chamber

Walk-in salt spray test chamber Walk-in salt spray test chamber Walk-in salt spray test chamber Walk-in salt spray test chamber
Product name:Walk-in salt spray test chamber
Meet the national standard and the requirements of the standard color on army enters type, salt fog lab

The salt fog structural features

Can the automatic thermal insulation structure way in specified temperature range, and can meet the layout of the device into, pneumatic, salt water supply line and temperature sensor hole placed requirements;
Salt fog box into 130 ℃ above that design ~ 150 ℃ dip Angle, so that the the condensed water not directly falls to try the color appearance product equipment: warm grey 1 C, add color board
Thermal insulation layer hard thermal insulation layer

large salt spray test lab workshop the commissioning
Wuxi color on large-scale integrated-salt fog corrosion lab, March 28, 2012 the workshop debugging

The studio floor of reinforced floor (built-in several strengthen sleepers), can quartile bearing 1000 kg/m ²; The underside Settings are skid plate;
The gate open by a single structure, size: 1200 x 1500 mm (wide × high);
Watch window has a Windows, size: 400 x 500 mm (wide × high), is located in the gate
Test leads to the left of the hole in the box set have a lower than 100 mm test hole, with special lid

Chongqing order into the room, salt fog lab and ndash; And ndash; Color test equipment | up gas path, salt water supply line and temperature sensor hole placed requirements

Pressure balance device 
Top cabinet has discharging pressure hole, facilitate indoor and outdoor pressure kept relatively balance
The studio floor of reinforced floor (built-in several strengthen sleepers), can quartile bearing 1000 kg/m ²;

Electric control system
Control instrument: the digital display high precision temperature control adjustment device, PID control precision, stability, the long run don't drift overflowing
Resolution: temperature setting: 0.1 ℃
Heating temperature controlling system armoured electric heating pipes heating, studio warming faster, uniform temperature distribution
Sensor PT100 platinum resistance
The main electrical components: ac contactor, circuit breakers, thermal relay; Small relay
Operation mode of constant temperature of 0.1 ℃ operation setting precision, humidity 0.1% RH
Security protection function
Reliable grounding protection device; Leakage/breaker protection; Heater short circuit protection; Drum wind electrical overload protection; Studio independent of overheating, sound and light alarm; Water level protection function; Humidity saturated device off the water protection function power supply voltage, over voltage, phase lack protection;

Equipment conditions of use
Voltage: 380 V plus or minus 10%, frequency 50 Hz, three-phase four-wire + grounding lines; Environmental temperature 5 ~ 35 ℃; Environment humidity < 85% R.H (25 ℃); Big gas pressure 86 ~ 106 Kpa; The equipment should be placed on the level required ventilation experiment indoor, should be left around adequate space for the operation and maintenance with; Environmental conditions: site equipment without strong vibration, no around strong electromagnetic field interference, no dust and high corrosive substance, no direct sunlight or other heat source direct radiation

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