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Thermal upheaval test box[Baer laboratory equipment]

Thermal upheaval test box[Baer laboratory equipment] Thermal upheaval test box[Baer laboratory equipment]
Product name:Thermal upheaval test box[Baer laboratory equipment]

Thermal upheaval test box[Baer laboratory equipment]

The first: the equipment working principle

The heat change test equipment is designed according to the heat change test specified in article GB3836.1-2000, use the pump test water, through the 1mm diameter nozzle to light transparent cover surface and the highest temperature point, to examine the light transparent cover is broken.

Second: the material of equipment

(1) the housing for the high-quality steel plate static spray paint, interior wall work adopts SUS304 stainless steel plate processing, studio wall exposed surface shall be no refracted light black.

(2) stainless steel fin electric heater

(3) special motor, centrifugal convection fan for air circulation.

(4) the temperature measurement using copper constantan thermocouple sensor (6 K). Applied to the surface of thermocouple, can use JD 22 adhesive tape for sticking, or with the help of a special tool to screw the thermocouple working end machinery is fixed on the measured surface. (at the same time display with 6 groups of temperature measurement instrument system)

(5) silicon rubber sealing strip, sealing rotating joint import

(6) glass observation window (visual water point)

Third: the structure of the equipment

(1) the test case for the whole structure form, injection water tank, a high-pressure water pump located in the lower part of the box body, test device angle regulating system located in the side of the box body (in order to adjust the angle control system), is located below the test box.

(2) duct dissection in studio, the distribution of heater, fan and other devices, test box for single door, double aging resistant silicone rubber sealing.

(3) the angle indicating plate is arranged in the crank shaft.

(4) equipment installed in 1 1mm diameter movable nozzle.

(5) the box door is provided with an observation window.


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