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Company Profile: Wuxi City Trident test equipment  Co., Ltd. [Brand: Gordon Trident color; ]
    Trident test equipment:The company was established in March 2003, is located in Wuxi City Economic Development Zone, is a professional manufacturer of the climate and environment, materials aging and reliability test equipment, the company after 10 years of development of production, research and development of environmental test equipment products in the industryhas become a single show. Brand radiation force and impact strength is widely recognized, products and services has won the trust of users. In April 2003, the company started cooperation with Shanghai University test equipment technology development (including ozone aging test has been made invention patent ZL: 03,150,992.4), the Company holds a number of professionals engaged in test equipment technology development with rigorous testing technology and comprehensive quality management system (ISO9001 quality management system certification by the British QA), automation and control, non-standard mechanical design, material aging field has accumulated a wealth of experience in the production of various types of temperature and humidity chamber, ozone aging test xenon lamp aging chamber, UV lamp aging chamber, combined testing machine and a variety of non-standard products into the laboratory, in the product into the CAD design, micro-handler software, solid-state electronic technology, fuzzy control theory, energy regulation theory and other new technologies to ensure the good operation control device performance and reliability, its technical performance to meet the requirements of GB, GJB, IEC, MIL, ASTM, ISO, JISK and related test equipment. The products have been domestic and foreign customers, to obtain technological innovation in a number of test equipment technology field. The [Trident recent sales :Multi-factor environmental testing equipment to create a new bright spot in the industry!]
The main products:
    1、Ozone aging chamber [low concentration dynamic static tensile ozone chamber integrated static and dynamic tensile ozone chamber, high concentrations of ozone accelerated aging chamber, rubber belt dynamic tension and resistance to ozone aging chamber];
    2、Xenon lamp weathering chamber [desktop air-cooled xenon lamp chamber, box-type air-cooled xenon lamp chamber, box-type turret air-cooled xenon lamp chamber, integrated water-cooled xenon lamp chamber];
    3、UV lamp aging chamber UV-A UV lamp chamber, UV-B UV lamp chamber, UV-A / B UV lamp chamber], UV aging chamber, UV weathering test chamber;
    4、Multi-factor environmental aging test equipment: small insulator contamination chamber, large multi-factor environmental test chamber, insulator test equipment, high voltage power transmission material testing device, the aging of integrated environmental simulation test equipment, multi-factor integrated environmental test chamber, multi-factoraging test chamber, railway locomotive insulators environmental aging test systems, programmable multifunction test system, temperature and humidity, light rain salt spray composite test systems, power transmission project with rail carts xenon lamp salt spray rain, sand and dust testsystem, grid components weather aging test systems, automotive hot and humid rain test chamber];
    5、Conventional environmental chamber: temperature alternating chamber, salt spray chamber, humidity test chamber, rapid temperature change test, high and low temperature, thermal shock chamber, thermal aging test; high and low temperature test chamber;; corrosion-resistant chamber;ozone disinfection cabinet, water machine, ultrapure water purification equipment;
    6、GB military standard waterproof and dustproof test equipment: device of IPX56 waterproof and dustproof, buses rain test chamber, the military standard military sand and dust test chamber, the military standard military rain test chamber, the military side cabin sealed waterproof test equipment, military standarddust chamber, water dripping pendulum spray test equipment, the IP series dust test equipment, water immersion chamber environment simulation test equipment;
    7、H2S hydrogen sulfide corrosion test equipment: underground metal pipe resistance to the H2S corrosion test equipment, hydrogen sulfide stress test system, ventilation aging chamber, H2S + N2 composite pipe test system, oil and natural gas pipelines stress-resistant tank of hydrogen sulfide H2S accelerated corrosion test equipment,H2S and other toxic gas pipeline tightness helium leak detection works, E + H original German imports PH value online test control engineering, environmental protection exhaust treatment works, the laboratory wastewater emissions exhaust treatment works, hydrogen sulfide laboratory heliumgas leak detection, 99.9% purity helium rental, original U.S. imports H2S sensor and experimenting with special accessories, the solution of H2S stress corrosion test test, high-precision inspection of the air-tightness of the container, the integrated treatment of laboratory toxic gas emissions and environmental engineering, water purificationequipment, large and small deionized water equipment, water purifier, ozone environmental disinfection cabinet, testing machine, testing equipment, testing equipment, test equipment, environmental chambers, material chamber;
   8、Other non-standard test equipment: aerospace equipment and equipment to rain the icing test equipment, deep high and low temperature high and low air pressure test device, EMU locomotive system to rain resistance the climate test engineering, environmental pilot projects, the overall design of the laboratory and Control Engineering, medical and environmental Engineering, disinfection equipment, teaching and research, and corporate material inspection laboratory supporting projects + equipment, water purification and pure water filtration equipment, the laboratory thermostat control engineering, laboratory console, metal products cabinet;
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